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At the cornerstone of Universal Music Group is the great diversity in our artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship. We curate initiatives, programming, and developmental resources to create a workplace that not only attracts diverse experiences, but also promotes inclusivity, a sense of belonging and equity.

Our Off The Record events enable our employees to connect and share ideas as well as learn how to increase productivity, overcome fears and anxiety and focus on who we are as individuals instead of exclusively on job titles. Our Belonging Behaviors training program helps with typical corporate culture issues like unconscious biases and provides the knowledge to overcome it. Additionally, we host a multitude of virtual events and webinars which are fine-tuned to take issues like workplace bias and inclusive leadership head on.

UMG encourages healthy living and mindful wellbeing as much as potential and performance. The Whole YOU is an awareness initiative to harmonize the mind and promote wellbeing in all aspects of your life and experiences. Finding balance and peace of mind are the keys to success at home and on the job. Our holistic approach is to provide all of the right resources for mental and financial wellbeing. We hold several events throughout the calendar year which spotlight mental health principles and programs. Our HR team also sponsors mental health workshops for all employees. A wide array of topics are covered including depression, addiction & recovery, and many other general wellness subjects.

Mental health and mindful wellbeing hits close to home for us. We know it has a significant impact on the lives of our artists and employees and we go above and beyond to support our people however we can. Our expansive benefits include an employee assistance program where employees can reach out for counseling and acquire practical methods to cope with difficulties at home and on the job. UMG cares and we’re always here to help.


Our ERGs focus on celebrating unique cultures and promoting public awareness. UMG holds themed events and partners with external organizations to teach employees about other cultures, to build internal communities and to break down social barriers. The ERGs hold interactive events such as group fitness webinars and streaming movie parties. We also host happy hours and social networking events as well as a recurring speaker series to provide an open forum for conversations. The synergy of cultures not only strengthens us as a company but brings us together as people. Some of the available groups include the UMG Women’s Network, UTOPIAA (Asian American, Pacific Islander), Black Label (African American), Cultura (Latin X and Hispanic) and PRISM (LBGTQ+).

The Belonging Table events at UMG are set in a panel or town hall format and create a dynamic forum for open and effective conversations about diversity and inclusion. These conversations produce beneficial talking points and educate us to treat our peers and colleagues with respect, to appreciate their ideas and to continue building and strengthening our communities in a real and authentic way.

Task Force for Meaningful Change (TFMC)

The Task Force for Meaningful Change (TFMC) was created as a driving force for inclusion and social justice. TFMC works to amplify and expand UMG’s current programs, devise new initiatives and support marginalized communities in the ongoing fight for equality, justice and inclusion. Click here to learn more about our commitment.